Grasp & Conquer English

The information presented in this area will be part of the evaluation being assess for the current period.

1. According to the Attendance list, all students will research a relevant calendar worldwide event to be presented here on this space.
2. The activity is call "On This Day".
3. Each and every student will select a specific topic according to the date and number of the Attendance list.
4. Everyday, there should be a new presentation being posted so everyone writes and practices composition.
5. The topic selected wii be entirely left to the student.
6. All the relevant information must be presented, for example; who, when, what, where, how, under what conditions, why, which, etc.
7. The information must be two paragraphs long maximum. In other word, about 8 complete sentences.
8 Avoid cutting and pasting in incorrect places.
9. Analyze the information you select to post on this space.
10. Remember all students will be active everyday of class: class day! Example; Acosta Flores Jorge Esteban is number one on the Attendance list. He needs to begin researching information relevant to "On This Day" for Monday 30, 2010.
11. The information presented and posted needs to be real and factual.
12. Students in charge of "On This Day" assignment need to post only information and develop a Power Point Presentation with images and pictures only so he can present to the class.
13. Every student needs to be aware and prepared to read the information and to answer any questions and do whatever activity there is to present.
14. The following questions are relevant to every single presentation and need to be answer after information is been posted:
What do you think happen on this day?
Why do you think this happened?
Is this information important for the worldwide community? If yes, explain. If no, explain.
Do you think this event is worthwhile mentioning it?
15. Make a prediction!
16. Think about the situation being presented. Could this event would have been prevented or done differently?
17. Date your page according to the class and homework assignment.
18. Write the title of the presentation on your portfolio, copy the information being posted, write the questions and the answers and present it to the teacher.