Grasp & Conquer English

My name is Maria Dolores, but please call me Lola. I am originally from the city of Colima. I have been living in Puerto Vallarta 22 years, and the experience has been amazing since everything here is fun and exciting. I have worked as an English teacher at Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Puerto Vallarta for three years.  It has been a very rewarding experience, as everyone I encounter at Tec has been easy to work with and quite attentive to me. 

Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Puerto Vallarta has given me the opportunity to develop an English Immersion Partnership Program aim to help students identify their desires and wants by including English in them.  The program will develop students' inner abilities in a broader aspect getting a sense of direction in which they can decide where they want to develop their ideas and more important face any challenges that they might have.

My passion is my family although it sounds sarcastic since most of the time I spend at school.  Psychologists say, "Spend quality time with your family”, which I certainly do.  Of course I am always wanting to be with them more—a typical mother’s lament.  I have a daughter who is 12 and a son who is 17. As you can imagine they are amazingly energetic and enthusiastically fun. Their activities are always full of surprises and I have to be 100% aware at all times.

I want to travel to Europe in the near future, and possibly take students with me. I am looking for the right resources to help me develop the adequate program for students to travel abroad. I welcome any suggestions that can help me go in the right direction. If you want to contact me, please write at the following e-mail address: