Grasp & Conquer English

1. Analyze the picture.
2. Review your English level 5 notes, so you can remember the information required here.
3. Once you have reviewed your notes, check your English level 5 specific notes on modals.
4. Modals are use to give advice, suggestions, recommendations, and to indicate something that is very important.
5. Read the following questions:

Should the small fish in the bowl be worried about the cat?
Have you ever felt that you were in a situation similar to the fish?
What would you do if you ever feel like the cat feels?
Is the situation on the picture familiar to you?
Why? Explain.
What must a person do to avoid being in a situation where that person is clearly without opportunities to succeed or reach a desire goal?

6. Write all the answers to the questions on this blog.
7. Remember to write and to spell all the words, sentences or parts of speech correctly.
8. This activity must be written on your portfolio and will be considered as homework for the period being evaluated.