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Write the answers to the questions above. 
If you have an opinion or suggestion to help students understand or comprehend English better then write your comments. This section will be considered as part of the evaluation criteria. 
Style and spelling will be assessed.
1. Look and analyze the picture posted on this page.
2. Read the questions written under the picture.
3. Answer the questions according to your experience.
4. Make sure you use appropriate language spelling and writing style, example; grammar, sintax, etc.
5. Remember to follow the instructions given in the classroom by Lola.
6. First student on the Attendance list reports all the answers written on the blog in a Power Point Presentation to students, the following class.
7. Second student on the Attendance list uploads a picture for everyone to analyze. The person in charge of uploading picture needs to write 5 questions based on the picture for his/her classmates to answer.
8. Third student on the Attendance list reports all the answers written on the blog by classmates on the blog in a Power Point Presentation to students, the following class.
sergio gonzalez rodriguez

1.yes i ridden the ship picture above.

2.i ride the ship on july sixteen with my family.

3.yes i did. the name of the ship is marigalante.

4.yes i liked.

5.the most significant moment was when i saw the dolphins. because was the first time that i saw in their natural enviroment.

Paulina De Dios Ruelas

1-No, I haven´t ridden that ship but I will love to do it.

2-Never, but im planing doing it on new years evening.

3-Yes I know it, its called the Marigalante.

4-I havent gone, but I think I wiil like it a lot.

5- I think that the most significant moment of this ship is the moment of the show.

Luis Ramón Carrillo Rodriguez

1.- No, i´ve never ridden that ship.
2.- Well, I did not, but i would love ride that pirate ship.
3.- I do not kwon, ´cause i never been to...
4.- I do not know but, the best thing about the trip should be the show they do during the ride...

andrei escamilla

1- no i didn't ride the ship.

2- i can't answer the cuestion because i never ride the ship.

3- yes every vary knows the name Marigalante :).

4- i like the idea to go ride and have an experience.

5- i don't know but i will do.

Diego Palos Salazar

No. I've never ridden it

I would like ride it, some people told me that is a good experience

Yes, Marigalante

I can not say yes or no because I've never ridden it

I'd like have it

Have you ever ridden the ship on the picture above?
- no, I have never traveled on the ship
When did you ride the ship?
Do you the name of the ship?
- yes, is marigalante
Did you like it?
-I would like to experience
What was the most significant moment of your experience?

Irasema Rubi Perez Garcia

1 i have never ride that ship.
2 i did not ride that ship
3 yes, the name is marigalante
4 yes, i like the ship theme!
5 i do not know the ship, but the show seems to be interesting! :D

Luciano Gomez Corona



no never

i never ridden that ship

is marigalante

yes i like the ship

i dont remenber nothing significant

roberto rocha

1.-no, i never to ridden the ship on the pictura above.

2.-never i did rode the ship.

3.- i don´t think so.

4.- no, i don´t like it.

5.- I do not have significant moments


A. 1.-No I haven't.
A. 2.-First question answer this one (never).
A. 3.-Well it can be The Marigalante or The Black Pearl but as i said I have never been on it.
A. 4.-I'll let you know when I get to cruise on that ship.
A. 5.-I haven't been there yet.

Osoria Palomares Michel Jovany

1.- No, I have never ridden the ship of the picture above.
2.- I have never ridden the ship.
3.- Yes, "Marigalante" is the name of the ship.
4.- Yes, I liked the theme and I would like to travel on the ship some day.
5.- I do not have significant moments of experience of traveled or know the ship, but appears to be an unforgettable experience.

Rene Arriola

1.- Yes, I have ridden the ship on the picture above.

2.- I rode the ship whe i was a child.

3.- Yes, I think is Marigalante.

4.- Maybe yes, But i dont remember so much.

5.- I think so, The fireworks

Patricia De La Cruz

1.No, I never didn't to ridden the ship.
2.Never, but I wil hope anyday.
3.It`s name is Marigalante in honor to a Spanish prostitute.
4.I never experienced it.
5.I think, the better moment is the show.

Zarai Chavarín Urrutia

1.- No I never didn`t
2.- Never, well not yet.
3.- The name of the ship is Marigalante
4.- I have never been on board
5.- I dont know, but I think maebe the best experencie on board that ship is the show.

mauro alexander

1.-no i haven´t
2.-never i did rode the ship.
3.-i don´t no maybe marigalante..
4.-yes i like it
5.-i think the most better experience is the show and the fireworks..

Saul Miramontes

1-No, I haven´t.
2- I Never ridden that ship.
3-Yes. Is Marigalante.
4-Yes,I like it.
5- I don't remenber.

Do you know, who is this family?

Who is the creator of this cartoon?

How long they have been on the air?

Where are they living?

What do you most like about this series?

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