Grasp & Conquer English

Dear Interested Participants in the Spring session of the English Immersion Partnership Program (EIPP) at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Vallarta,

Due to the success of the fall session, Dee Dee Camhi and I are in the process of planning the next six-week session of the Immersion Partnership Program.  For those of you who are new to the process, the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Puerto Vallarta has a program that helps students in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Architecture, Culinary Arts, Business Management, and Computer Science, further develop their English skills.  The program we have developed is a process in which one graduating senior is paired with an English-speaking professional (either presently working or retired) with the goal of improving the students’ acquisition of English.  The program will run from March 19 to April 30. 2010.  

Any  student interested in the program is required to complete a detailed application and be interviewed by one of the program administrators.  The participation was incredible for the previous program, and we expect the same for this one.  Those students who attended the previous program are eligible to attend this one, but they too will be required to complete the application and be interviewed again.