Grasp & Conquer English

English Immersion Partnership Project

The creation of an English language exchange, partnering you with an English-speaking professional would provide an excellent opportunity for you to improve your English skills in a supportive and non-threatening manner. Vallarta has a large community of retired professionals from the US and Canada who are interested in volunteering their time for this project.

 The overwhelming academic load in your regular semester makes it hard for you to face opportunities for cultural language exchange. We, as your university wish to help you engage in extracurricular activities, where you can practice and develop communication, speaking and listening skills as well as your inner confidence to communicate with the rest of the English-speaking community. 

English Immersion Partnership Project will help you identify your desires and wants by including English in them.  You will develop your inner abilities in a broader aspect getting a sense of direction in which you can decide where you want to develop your ideas and more important face any challenges that you might have.

Puerto Vallarta provides a wide range of opportunities for developing all kinds of abilities; communication abilities, service abilities, labor abilities. We have seen this town grow in all directions, but one specific direction is in the English aspect, Puerto Vallarta needs more English-speaking professionals who can give appropriate response to the constant need of bilingual service providers.