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"On World Animal Day"

1. Download "On World Animal Day" Presentation. 
2. Write presentation on diary completely.
3. Identify all adverbs and prepositional phrases working as adverbs.
On World Animal Day 1931.pptx
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"On September 20th, 1258" Presentation


1. Please read these instructions carefully twice.
2. Use the information from the first slide to write the title of your homework assignment.
3. The sentence on the second slide use it to identify all parts of a sentence and all parts of speech.
4. Look for the synonym definition on your dictionary.
5. Use the information on the third slide to find all the appropriate synonyms of each word on the vocabulary glossary.
6. Read the information on the fourth slide.
7. Find out the part of speech that has another word in parenthesis next to it. Write the word in parenthesis correctly to substitute the part of speech next to it.
8. Describe with details the exact location of Salisbury Cathedral.
9. All of this information will be graded next class on Wednesday 22nd, 2010, so spare me the trouble of denying revising any other day.
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    "On This Day" Presentation


    1. Fill in the information required in the following spaces.
    2. Make sure the size of the file is correct.

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