Grasp & Conquer English

Thank God A Very Successful Project

The closing event for The English Inmersion Partnership Program was a night to remember.
Students from Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Puerto Vallarta who were taking English 5 and American partners, who live in Puerto Vallarta part time of the year, engaged in a friendly experience which provided, especially students, an opportunity to develop confidence and self-assurance to communicate in English at all levels and at any given situation in life.
The event was celebrated on November 30th, with a historically event dated in 1620 when Europeans came to North America and settled in an area called Plymouth that was inhabited by The Wanpanoags.
Students from all English levels participated creating wonderful pieces of art, including beautiful and elaborated turkeys, colorful game, living-like salmon and all the elements describing the lives of the inhabitant of the rocky  shores of Massachusetts. Everything was done with  the idea to build the scenario for a narrative play. 
Thanks to all participants for making this a wonderful and memorable event.

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